Hii it’s the wonderful and fabulous Millyyyy. I’m 26, ALL pronouns are welcomed and from the Bronx. Working alongside OCFF is a dream come true. As a Fearless Flyer Leader my job is to teach the next generation how to ride their bikes in accordance to NYC laws and inspire them to become leaders themselves. We have to be up early Saturday mornings working on ourselves and making the change to live a healthier lifestyle. At the same time we’re also having fun building bonds and memories with each other, and creating that close family that’s always there for one another. I’m so glad to be able to be myself, to be able to lead the next generation of flyers, to be relied and depended on not just by them but from my FF team and OC members. Being able to deliver with all my being and soul but at the same time having fun with it is the essence of Milly. And now you’ll be getting more of me as I’m co-host of the YouTube series alongside Momo. So come bask in the essence that is Milly. Make sure to tune in!


maireni s

Being a ride lead and giving the next class of participants their graduation certificates created a strong bond and connection with the next generation of Fearless Flyers.

Flyers at DWDC
Flyers Friends
Flyers group shot

Hear from the Youth Ride Leads in their own words:

Diany D.

Maireni S.

Jasleen V.